Warhammer 40k Space Marine Machinima Movie by Erasmus Brosdau

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Erasmus Brosdau, an art overseer at Crysis developers Crytek, has been in business on a Warhammer 40K video clip (in his spare time! ) for the past 6 years. It’s now done, kind of, and really been well and truly worth the wait. Check out this awesome Warhammer 40k Machinima movie.   It definately takes the dark atmosphere and delves into the lore of the whole 40k genre.  I’m hopeing more  Machinima Movies like this come out in the near future. Situated as a prologue for a wider story, this 9-minute video may well not have the world’s best tone of voice acting, but the fine art and animation is lightyears ahead of the previous official 40K animation, Ultramarines. And the way it puts us on a lawn floor of the universe, finding it come alive such as this… this is a view of the 40K world I would personally want to play through. The project “has the blessing” of Games Workshop, and over time grew from Brosdau’s sole work into a team effort. Although this short is being released now, a “final short movie” will be out the coming season completing the story.