Awesome Warhammer 40k Cosplay for 2018 | Russian Narga’s Howling Banshee Photo by Kira

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Check out some of this cool Warhammer 40k Cosplay from  the surrounding WEB 3.0 . Id like to see more Gothic looking cosplay maybe some dark eldar or sisters of battle cosplay in the warhammer 40k verse. Some Space Orks would be cool too. Need some Gargants or junky Ork Robots. You would probably need some kinda Industrial Light and Magic or Monster Shop Studio for this though. Just wait till the robots come into the lifestyle and these cosplay outfits are animated like the chat bots are starting to be with the virtual avatars. Practically every piece of Warhammer 40K cosplay you see is some kind of personal character, being all severe and gruff and shouting something about heresy. As a result it’s nice to see Russia’s Narga show the Eldar’s Howling Banshees some love instead.