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Another Great Warhammer 40k Space Marine Movie fan short by Richard Boylan

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Another Great Warhammer 40k Space Marine Movie.  I’m not sure if this qualifies as Machinima?   This time they are fighting the green skin Space orks.  One of my favorite races.  At least they have the big  junky  gargants and orky robots to bot around with.

Not simply is this fan-made short series really well edited and put together, it’s received an art style quite unlike anything you’ve seen before from the severe dark future of Warhammer 40k setting in a nice fan movie.

Living by Richard Boylan, Helsreach is a multi-part version of Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s 2010 novel of the same name, which follows the exploits of the Dark Templar chapter of Space Marines as they battle to defend the Real planet of Armageddon (cheery name for an entire world, that) from an upcoming Ork invasion.  You can really see the dark digital effects of the movie making

For extra authenticity, Boylan’s series uses narration from the book’s audiobook release to propel the story, but you may be wondering what really sells it? The visual style this individual uses for the entire 40k space marine movie. It makes it seem like artwork ripped out of the pages of an old Warhammer rulebook as much as it does indeed an animated series, and gives the whole thing a stark aesthetic that almost makes it look like old film fishing reel footage of a war–even if it’s one between huge, power-armored increased humans and giant green orcs with guns the size of their meaty torsos.

There’s a part 4 on the way soon, and after seeing these, I can’t wait

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